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Be part of our Affiliate Program or sell through our wholesale network!

A pioneer in the online sales of sunglasses, Hawkers is now regarded as one of the most internationally prominent Spanish brands. With more than 400 references offered in more than 40 countries and an outstanding online performance, this is your opportunity to be part of our affiliate program.

Don’t miss the chance to sell the highest-quality sunglasses in the world. Many of which, like the famous One, Warwick and Classy, are already part of popular culture.

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Advantages of Online Affiliation

If you are a blogger, a coupon distributor, any type of online network, or a web page, signing up for our affiliation program will be very beneficial for you.

You can earn up to 10% sales commission in any of our territories. To help you earn more commission, we provide banners, product feeds, images, emails… and, of course, the best optimized offers for each country.

What’s more, we offer:

  • Exclusive offers for affiliates.
  • A team dedicated to affiliates.
  • Simple, fast configuration.
  • Standard Google Analytics 360 measurement in continuous development.

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How to sign up to sell online?

Joining our affiliate program couldn’t be easier. We have created ten different programs with content specific to each country: feeds, banners, content, offers and another program for the rest of the world. The platform we have chosen is Awin, a global Affiliate Marketing network with more than 14,000 advertisers.

If you are already a member of the Awin affiliate network, sign in and request to join the Hawkers program. We’ll contact you ASAP to get you started if your request is approved. If you are not a member of Awin, registration is really straight-forward, and you can then request to join the Hawkers program.

The final step is simply placing a link on your site and starting to earn money.

Choose the program which you want to sign up for:

If you have any queries about affiliation, contact us at

Advantages in our Wholesale Network

Do you want to get the best wholesale prices? Our team works to offer the best prices for our quality products.

We offer:

  • A dedicated team of professionals.
  • Maximum quality products.
  • Marketing materials to to develop the business in your territory.

How to sign up to sell in your physical store or reach a commercial agreement with us?

If you are a distributor or an optician, our wholesale team would love to hear from you. We work with retailers, wholesalers and e-tailers, negotiating all kinds of collaborative agreements.

Contact us at Please include a company presentation and location details.

How to contact for collaborations or sponsorships?

If you want to collaborate with us or propose a sponsorship, please contact us at:

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